Bea Sibille

Does your coffee pay you?

Never in my life have I been paid by a company when I drink their coffee and I can get it for free. Now this delicious habit of mine definitely has its perks! The coffee has such a bold, smooth flavor that is just so yummy! I enjoy it hot or cold. Ask me how you can get your coffee for FREE too! 

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Coffee For A Cause

What is it?

A healthy coffee.

What do we do?

Fundraising for a cause

We offer fundraisers to 

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Youth Groups
  • Mission Trips
  • Foundations
  • A unique way to raise funds for someone who has experienced a life challenge.
  • Sports Team

How can you help?

Easy fundraising for a cause

Join me by switching to the SBH brand coffee and not only will you feel great but we can work together in helping my mission. 

Ask me how you can help to build safe houses for human trafficking survivors too!

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